• Intervention Process

    The purpose of interventions are to improve your child's speech and language abilities so that direct services from a speech-language pathologist (SLP) are not needed. 

    If interventions are required, the following steps will take place:

    1. Teacher or parent contacts the SLP with concerns in either articulation or expressive/receptive language.

    2. The SLP will observe your child in the classroom.

    3. If necessary, a permission form will be sent home to obtain permission to observe your child in a one-on-one setting.

    4. If your child's skills are not age-appropriate, two different interventions will be completed by the classroom teacher over a six week period.

    5. After the inteventions are completed, the SLP will re-observe your child to determine if a formal evaluation is required (i.e., interventions were not successful).  If the intervention was successful, no further action is needed.