• Principal's Message

    Welcome to Hartley Elementary

    Welcome to Hartley Elementary School located in Waseca, Minnesota. We are a kindergarten through third grade building educating about 470 students. We are committed to helping each child develop academically, emotionally, and physically in a safe, respectful, and student-oriented environment that includes parents as partners in the learning process. Research has shown a direct relationship between parent involvement and student success at school. We have an excellent volunteer program and active PTO.

    Hartley Elementary takes great pride in high academic standards and quality programs for our students. Hartley Elementary School provide a strong learning environment where relationships between students and staff take top priority.  These important relationships take the learning to new levels, and we can't be more proud of the kids we get to work with everyday.  Hartley also continues to be progressive in technology, and student centered learning.  The addition of chromebooks to our school, and several classrooms with flexible learning spaces make us a community of life-long learners. Be sure to check us out!

    Ben O'Brien
    Hartley Elementary School
    605 7th Street NE
    Waseca, MN 56093