• Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy (PBIS)- We R4 the Bluejay Way



    We, at Hartley, believe that children learn to practice responsible behavior just as they learn to read and write, do mathematics, play an instrument, or participate in sports.  All members of our staff will be involved in a behavior program that teaches children to be responsible.  The goal is to create a safe, respectful, and responsible school environment conducive to learning for all. Hartley’s school-wide discipline program is called “We R4 the Bluejay Way.” Respecting Yourself, Respecting Others, Respecting Property, and Respecting Learning.




    Respect Yourself

    Respect Others

    Respect Property

    Respect Learning


    Work Hard

    Be ready to learn 

    Be Positive

    Be a Good Listener

    Be Kind

    Be a Friend

    Keep hands and feet to self

    Use appropriate voice

    Clean Up

    Be Safe

    Take care of devices 

    Take Turns

    Work Together

    Follow Expectations

    Give best effort


    Use walking feet

    Know where you are going

    Stay in line

    Quiet voices

    Hands and feet to self

    Be aware of others

    Keep hands to yourself

    Keep your hook tidy

    Enter and exit quietly

    Arrive on time


    Wash hands

    Eat healthy food

    Eat your own food

    Use good manners

    Welcome all students to your table

    Keep hands and feet to self 

    Take care of tray and trash

    Leave other property alone

    Listen to lunch staff

    Use appropriate voice


    Follow playground rules

    Wear appropriate clothes and shoes

    Include others

    Use kind words

    Control your body

    Be a problem solver

    Use equipment appropriately and put away when finished 

    Line up when called

    Come in when called


    Wash hands

    Clean your body

    Respect other’s space’


    Throw trash away

    Keep bathroom clean

    Report others 

    Return to class quickly

    Use quiet voice

    Ask teacher at appropriate time




    The chart below shows the behaviors that we value at Hartley, the behaviors that we need to work on, as well as, behaviors that are bottom line and not tolerated.  “Above the Line” behaviors are acceptable and expected behaviors at school.  “Below the Line” behaviors are unacceptable behaviors and may result in communication home and working with students on fixing the problem.  This will include a plan and an action the child will take to insure the behavior will not continue.  We try to incorporate logical consequences that follow the 3 R’s: Related to the behavior, delivered Respectfully, and Reasonable. 

    “Bottom Line” behaviors are behaviors that are considered totally inappropriate for school. “Bottom Line” behaviors may result in or may include, but not be limited to, a conference, detention, in-school suspension, referral to the police, out-of-school suspension, and/or expulsion.





    Be Respectful

    Be Safe


    Be Responsible

    Be cooperative


    Be Polite

    Be a Worker


    Be a Listener

    Be Honest


    Be Kind

    Be Tolerant











    Not Listening

        Late Assignments





    Budging in Line

    Name Calling
























    Serious disruption to the learning