• Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy (PBIS)

    Hartley's school-wide discipline program is called WCRB (Work-Cooperate-Respect-Belong).

    All Hartley’s staff (teachers, paraprofessionals, cooks, custodians, secretaries, and the principal!) support and teach WCRB. We have developed “Above the Line”, “Below the Line”, and “Bottom Line” behavior lists for our classrooms and school. We expect all students and staff to demonstrate “Above the Line” behaviors. “Below the Line” behaviors (Example: name-calling, late assignments) may result in “Fix Its” (plans to improve) or blue slips which are sent home daily. “Bottom Line” behaviors (Example: fighting, harassment, etc.), are brought to the principal’s attention immediately.


    WORK – We will come to school prepared and put forth our best effort.
    Assignments completed on time
    Have materials ready
    Put forth best effort
    On-task behavior

    COOPERATE – We will work together to create a positive and productive environment.
    Be cooperative and courteous

    RESPECT – We will treat each other’s feelings, space, and belongings with kindness.
    Be honest
    Respect others
    Respect own property, school property, and other’s property

    BELONG – We will share, listen, and accept people’s differences. Everyone is an important part of our school.
    Accept differences
    Include others