• So what is a Case Facilitator

    Hi, I am Diane Roesler the Case Facilitator for Hartley Elementary Grades K-3 and WIS Grade 4. 

    So What's a Case Facilitator?

    Special Education Teachers are responsible for evaluating children to determine whether they meet eligibility criteria for special education services, developing appropriate programming to meet the individual needs of special education students and  teaching those students  Rather than each special education teacher completing their own evaluation in the Waseca Public Schools we use a Case Facilitator model where one Special Education teacher, called a Case Facilitator, coordinates the assessment process.  This gives the other Special Educaiton Teachers more time to program for and  teach the students. The case facilitator can concentrate their efforts on evaluating the students. Because Special Education is a legal process, schools have guidelines, also referred to as due process,  that they need to follow. A Case Facilitator also makes sure that we are following the process and keeping all the records necessary for that process.