• The council meets the third Monday of the month, bimonthly during the academic year at Central Building, CE Conference Room 135 from 7-8:00p.m. The 2016-17 meeting schedule is as follows: September 19, November 21, January 23, March 20, May 15.

    Advisory Council Members

    • Beth Ann Wolf
    • Pat Hanson
    • Todd Zimmerman, WPS School Board Representative
    • Deanna Kanewisher
    • Mark Christiansen
    • Joe Pena
    • Ann Fitch
    • Jessica Barens
    • Ariana Boelter
    • Sara Stensrud
    • Amy Priem
    • Sara Lynch

     Community Education Advisory Council Purpose

    1. To identify and assess the community's educational needs, interests, and concerns.
    2. To determine available or potential community resources to meet identified needs.
    3. To recommend areas of program development to the community education staff.
    4. To advise the community education staff on policies, budget, and services.
    5. To expand and improve cooperation and communication among community members, groups, agencies, and schools in an effort to encourage community support and to avoid duplication of services.

     Waseca Community Education Advisory Council Goals:

    1. Increase CER programmed use of district facilities to reach more populations of community and enhance current programming.
    2. Improve tracking of facility use, revenue, and participant data. Explore new ways of tracking Community Education consumer participation. Explore new ways of utilizing participant data.
    3. Provide detailed evidence of CER program staff time spent on District tasks: facility registration, publications, bulk mail, building specific programs.

     If interested in applying, please click here, fill out the application and mail it to Waseca Community Education, 501 East Elm Avenue, Waseca, MN 56093. You can also scan and email your application to Paul DeMorett, Director.

    Thank you for your interest!