• New Bus transportation guidelines:

    State Statute requires school districts to provide transportation for students who live 2 miles or further from their school.  This is what Waseca Public Schools (WPS) has been doing for the last 10+ years. In an effort to provide more services to more students, the District engaged in conversations with the two bus companies who serve WPS. Adding more equipment (buses) and/or drivers proved to be cost prohibitive, however a plan was developed to utilize existing equipment and drivers. To meet the requirements, a radius of one mile was drawn for each school.  Those students who fall outside the radius qualify for bus transportation. Students who fell within the radius, do not. There are no guidelines as far as placement of city bus stops rather the plan includes the use of Super Stops mostly on publicly owned land. 

    At the end of September, the bus companies will work with the District to review bus capacity.  If buses have additional capacity, families who are within the radius may be able to purchase a bus pass for $20 per month and $10 per month for families of children who are on F & R lunch.  If the buses do not have the capacity, families within the radius will not be given this option and will need to get their children to school without school provided busing.  

    Another way of expressing this is:

    1. If a student lives outside a one mile radius of their school (not one driving mile), transportation will be provided however bus passes will be required. 
    2. A student who lives within a one mile radius of their school will still need to either walk, ride their bicycle or have a parent transport them to their school. 

    The maps being used to determine qualification was provided by the city in collaboration with the District. These maps are found below. 

    If you have questions about whether or not your child qualifies for school provided transportation, please call one of the two bus companies. 

    Lenz Bus Services

    34664 139th St 
    Waseca, MN 56093
    (507) 835-5104
    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lenz-Bus-Service/125712604150761

    Palmer Bus Service
    1601 5th St. SE. 
    PO Box 577 
    Waseca, MN 56093
    (507) 833-1150
    Web: http://palmerbusservice.com/waseca/ 

  • Hartley One-Mile Map

    Hartley One Mile Map

  • JHHS One-Mile Map

    JHHS One Mile Map

  • Six back to school tips to promote Safe Routes

    It’s back to school time, take advantage of the ‘Fresh Start Effect’ to get your Safe Routes To School program soaring this year. "Fresh Start Effect" is a phenomenon where we get a burst of motivation to start new habits each time we begin something new. Now is the time to capitalize on the Fresh Start Effect!

    1. Transportation mailings – families are receiving their school transportation information in the mail. Work with school transportation directors to send out Safe Routes maps, safety tips, and encouragement materials for children in the walk/bike boundary.
    2. Establish a remote drop off location – work with the school to set up a remote drop off location. This helps children get an extra 10 minutes of physical activity, it is quicker for parents to drop off and allows more students to participate in Safe Routes efforts for health and academic improvement.
    3. First school newsletter – encourage school staff to include Safe Routes maps for their school, safety tips, and encouragement for walking and biking in school newsletters. Include parents participating in remote drop offs to reduce congestion around schools and give their children some extra steps.
    4. Walking school bus – work with PTO or principal to identify and establish walking school buses to start the year off. This will create a healthy routine to be used throughout the year as parents integrate a walking school bus into their schedules. Even just one day a week is a great way to start!
    5. Meet the teacher & back to school events – encourage physical education teachers to promote their Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum and have a table promoting walking and biking to school, safety tips and safe routes maps for parents and students to take home and make their plan.
    6. Crossing guard and school patrol training – the start of the school year means training your adult crossing guards and student school patrol leaders to help walkers and bikers cross busy streets. MnDOT has free, online training that you can implement or allow individuals to train on their schedules and obtain completion certificates for your records.
Safe Routes for Waseca Students
Recommended Safety Routes Waseca