General Information

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    Waseca Jay’s Nest is child care program certified by The State of Minnesota.  We provide an enriching environment with a focus on learning and having fun.  Students enjoy free play, group games, crafts, gym play, computer time, themes, service unit projects, and outdoor play. The program is open on school days, scheduled late starts, scheduled early releases and offered on non-school days, excluding holidays and dangerous weather conditions.  

    Children may begin attending Jay’s Nest - School Age Care Program (SAC) at 33 months of age and toilet trained.  Children entering Kindergarten – 6th grade in the Fall may also enroll at any time.  Children must be pre-registered before the first day of care.  

    Location and Phone Number
    Jay’s Nest is be located at the Waseca Central Building. 
    501 East Elm Ave, Waseca MN 56093.
    Office phone: 507-833-0784
    Office Number: #240

    For child drop off and pick up, parents can enter at door #8 during the hours of 6:30am-6:00pm.  Door #11 will be unlocked and can also be used during the hours of 6:30-8:30/2:30-6pm.

    Door #8 is located on the West end of the building and Door #11 is located on the North side of the building.  

    Hours of Operation:
    Waseca Jay’s Nest is open during the hours of 6:30am-6:00pm year-round.
    Summer session occur June-August.

    Jay’s Nest will be CLOSED the following days:

    • November 28-29 ~ Thanksgiving
    • December 23-25 ~ Christmas
    • January 1 ~ New Year
    • April 10 ~ Good Friday
    • May 25 ~ Memorial Day
    • June 4-5

    If you have any questions, you can call us during the office hours of 8am-4:30pm at 507-833-0784

    Program Director: 
    Katie Staloch (email Katie)

    Behavioral Manager
    Bianca Kohnert (email Bianca)     

    Enrollment Requirements:

    • Children 33 months, fully toilet-trained and able to perform all bathroom functions on their own can enroll.
    • Children entering Kindergarten – 6th grade in the Fall may enroll.
    • All children need to be toilet trained and be able to perform bathroom functions on their own. If the child has an accident during the operating hours of 6:30am – 6pm the legal guardian will be called to come and change the child. After 3 occurrences; services will be suspended immediately until child is toilet-trained.    
    • Children need to be able to participate in a large group setting.
    • Families currently participating in the program may only register for the next session if their account is in good standing. For a child to start on the first day of the new session, all fees for the previous session must be paid in full.
    • *For new students only* Upon approval of registration, students will receive one T-shirt to be used for ALL field trips. If additional shirts are needed throughout the school year, a charge of $8.00 will be added to your bill. 
    • Parents and/or legal guardians are required to read and agree to Release of Liability and Authorization before the child’s first day at Jay’s Nest. Jay’s Nest assumes no responsibilities for injuries and/or illnesses which a minor child may sustain as a result of participating in Jay’s Nest activities.  Some of these activities may include, but are not limited to, jumping, climbing, running, swimming or other activities that involve inherent risk.  Parents and/or legal guardians must recognize the inherent risk in these and other activities and hereby agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Jay’s Nest for injury and accident occurring at or in the course of the hours of operation.

    School Year Registration
    New and current families can register and update online by using this link:

    A $20.00 non-refundable registration fee is charged per child and will be added to the first bill of each school year and summer session.  This fee also includes one Jay’s Nest T-shirt.

    To access your Jay’s Nest calendar, go this website:

    It is very important to get your calendar organized as soon as you are able.   We plan for staffing, materials, and space based on registered days. Students that arrive for care that are not registered will be charged a drop-in rate.

    Jay’s Nest - School Aged Care Options:
    Jay’s Nest operates Monday- Friday 6:30am-6:00pm year round excluding Jay’s Nest holiday schedule and dangerous weather conditions. If you have a varying schedule this gives you the option of choosing just the days you require care. You will be billed based on the days you select on your calendar. If you need to cancel a day of care, you can log into your account and remove the day of care to avoid charges.

    K-6th Grade Options:

    Before School Care:  Before school program will be available 6:30am-8 am Monday-Friday.  Grades K-6 will have transportation available from Jay’s Nest to schools in our district.

    After School Care:  After school care program is available when school is dismissed until 6 pm, Monday-Friday.   Grades K-6 will have transportation from schools in our district to the Jay’s Nest site.

    Pre- K Options:

    Wrap Around Care:  This care is for any child who attends a preschool program in Waseca. Students can attend Wrap Around Care before and after preschool as well as the days they are not in preschool. When attending before school, children are served breakfast at 8:00am.  After school, children have the opportunity for additional movement activities, group games, crafts, and enjoy some downtime as needed. Snack is served at 2:45pm. Breakfast and snack are included in the rate.

    All Day Care:  Preschool All Day Care offers a safe and nurturing environment staffed by experienced professionals. Programs include opportunities for recreation, movement, social skill development, basic skills reinforcement, and academic enrichment within a supportive and familiar environment. 

    Scheduled Non School Days: Jay’s Nest provides a full day of kid friendly programming. We offer a variety of hands on activities throughout the day and plan field trips to destinations around the area.  When attending non- school days, children are served breakfast at 8:00am and snack is served at 3:00pm.  There is no food service scheduled, so children will need to bring their own sack lunch. 

    Canceled School Days or Early Weather Closing Options (Snow Day/ Before /After School): 
    Depending on the weather, Jay’s Nest offers full day programming on most school district non-school days. Children may register for the option to attend Jay’s Nest up to the day of the event of a snow or weather closing.

    All children will need to bring a lunch from home on non-school days.  Please include an icepack if needed. Lunches will be kept in child’s lockers during the day. 

    Active Wear:
    Children should dress casually and appropriately for the activities of the day. Children will be taken outside daily, except when it rains or wind-chill is below 0°F. We follow the Waseca Public School District weather policy.   Please send your child with appropriate shoes, hats, mittens, scarves, boots, snow pants and coats. If not able to go outside, children will have time in the gym. Children should be coming with appropriate outdoor wear every day. Flip flops are prohibited at Jay’s Nest due to safety concerns.

    Field Trips:
    Children have the option to participate in scheduled field trips through the year.  Sign up will be available online and on-site. There is an added field trip fee on top of the regular childcare rates.

    Jay’s Nest - School Age Child Care shirts are purchased for safety reasons.  School Age Child Care shirts provide staff/child identification. Program shirts are required for all off-site activities and field trips.

    Community Education Activities
    SAC students are encouraged to participate in Community Education and enrichment activities.  Jay’s Nest staff will help get your child to select Community Education activities.  Parents/legal guardian must call the Jay’s Nest Program Director and confirm child’s activity.  If you have any questions you can call the Jay’s Nest office.

    A summer transportation list will be made available with summer registration.

    Child Sign In/Out Requirements:
    In order for us to accept legal responsibility for your child and for your child’s safety, the parent/legal guardian who brings the child to SAC must be included as emergency contacts on your family profile.  The parent/legal guardian must accompany the child to the designated area and sign in and out daily on the Jay’s Nest Ipad.  If the WSAC area is empty when you arrive, the parent/legal guardian is responsible to escort the child to the appropriate area to join their group.

    Parent and Authorized Pick Up
    Children will be released to those designated as “authorized pickups” only.  Jay’s Nest staff are required to ask for identification from anyone unfamiliar attempting to pick up a child.  If a person who is not authorized attempts to pick up, you will be contacted. If you cannot be reached, your child will be held until you or an authorized pick-up arrives. This policy is designed to protect your child.

    The IPad is not for Jay’s Nest children to use.  Staff will make every effort to greet parents as they come on site. In the event staff is involved in an activity with the children, please alert staff of your presence.

    Sibling Pick-Up 
    If a sibling is sent to pick up a child, they must be at least 13 years of age and listed on the emergency contacts in your family profile.  Please call the office and to make arrangements.

    Unauthorized Pick-Up 
    Under the laws of the State of Minnesota, both parents have the right to pick up their child, unless a court document restricts that right. The enrolling parent who chooses not to include the child’s other parent on the authorized pick up list must file an official court document with the program.

    Late Pick-Up Fee 
    Jay’s Nest closes at 6:00 pm. If an emergency occurs and you will be arriving after 6 pm, make plans for your emergency contact person to pick up your child and notify program staff immediately. If parents arrive after the 6pm deadline, a late fee of $1 per minute per child will be charged to your account beginning at 6:01 pm. Please note that this fee is calculated by the time on the classroom clock. In the case of a prolonged period of time for late pick up and in the safety of the child, the Waseca Police may be notified to intervene onsite. Please call the office phone at 507-835-3187 to notify staff of late pick up arrangements.

    In the event your child needs immediate medical attention for injuries received while participating in Jays Nest activities, you will need to authorize Jay’s Nest staff to give your child reasonable first aid, & to arrange for the transportation of your child to a health care facility for emergency services. You will also need to agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing or insurance purposes.  

    Jay’s Nest 2019-2020 School Year Fees:

    K-6 Grade Fees


    KinderPrep/Pre-K Fees


    AM Care (before school 6:00-8am)



    Preschool Wrap Around Care


    PM Care (after school 3-6pm)



    All Day Care (no preschool)


    All Day / Non School Day



    Non School Day 4 hours or less


    Half Day/ Non School Day



    Non School Day 4 hours or more


    Early Out/ Late Start Day



    Preschool AM


    Additional $1.00 For Drop In Care


    Preschool PM


    •  On days that your child does not attend preschool, you will be charged the All Day Care rate of $25.00 / child when your child attends the Jay’s Nest. Half Day rates are only offered on district-wide non-school days.
    • Payments can be made electronically at

    Jay’s Nest 2019-2020 School Year Payment:

    • You will receive your bill for the previous 2 weeks of care Biweekly on Tuesdays. If no payment is received within one (1) week, a late fee of $15.00 will be added to your next bill
    • Biweekly invoices are sent via email. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for checking email frequently for all communication and billing purposes from the Jay’s Nest.
    • Parents/legal guardians with Jay’s Nest outstanding balance due, will be turned over to Advantage Collections after 90 days. A child cannot start the school year program until past due payments have been paid in full.
    • A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for picking up a child after 6:00 p.m. – After the 3rd incident, it is $5.00/minute per child and services may be discontinued.
    • Community Education and Jay’s Nest reserves the right to cancel this schedule at any time.
    • Breakfast and an afternoon snack are included in the daily rate. Lunches can be purchased by families at $2.75 per lunch, otherwise a sack lunch from home can be brought (lunches must be brought from home on public non-school days).

    Jay’s Nest 2019-2020 School Year Accepts County Assistance:
    Documentation from the county must be presented to Jay’s Nest office before child care services can begin.

    For more information on county assistance, call Waseca County Human Resources for more information call: 507-835-0617

    For our complete informational brochure, CLICK HERE.