• Open Enrollment is designed to enable any pupil to attend a school or program outside the district of residence. This choice program encourages parents and guardians to become knowledgeable about the needs and interest of their children and more informed about what educational programs schools are offering. Every family can benefit from examining the options available to them. Choosing the best educational experience for the learner is more important than choosing to cross district lines. Selecting a child's school is a significant decision.

    How can I apply?

    Applications are available at any school or district office. The family must send one application per child to the nonresident district before January 15th for enrollment the next fall. The nonresident district must notify the family of acceptance or rejection by February 15th. Families who are accepted must confirm by March 1st that the student will attend the new district in the fall. It is not necessary to reapply annually to maintain open enrollment unless you change your resident address. You will need to use the form called "Open Enrollment Form".

    What if I miss the January 15th deadline?

    You may still apply but a different form is used. It is a Non-resident Agreement between school districts and requires the approval of both districts.

    What are the transportation rules regarding open enrollment students?

    Parents are responsible for transporting students to a bus stop within the non-resident district.

    For all open enrollment questions, please contact Sheryl Gutfleisch at (507) 835-2500 or email her.