• The Waseca Public Schools recognize that parents/guardians have the major responsibility for the maintenance of their child’s health and it is preferred that medications be given at times outside of the school hours whenever possible.  Medications given in the morning and medications prescribed 3 times per day or less, should be given at home. When it is necessary for a student to receive medication at school, the following guidelines are to be followed. 

    Medication Guidelines:

    1. A Medication Request Form must be completed before a student may be given any medications.  There is a separate form for prescription medication and non-prescription medication.  For prescription medication, a written and signed physician’s order and a signed parental authorization is required.  For non-prescription medication, only a signed parental request is necessary.  Parents are to obtain the appropriate forms from their child’s school.
    2. A new medication consent form is required when the medication dosage or time of administration is changed.  New consent forms with appropriate signatures must be received at the start of each school year. 
    3. When a long-term daily medication is stopped, a physician’s order is required. 
    4. All medication must be supplied by the parents/guardians.  Prescription medications must be in a pharmacy labeled container that matches the physician’s order.  Non-prescription medication must be supplied in the original container and school staff will not give more that the manufacturer’s recommended dosage listed on the container unless it is accompanied by a written and signed physician’s order. 

      The following information must be on the prescribed container label:

      1. Student’s full name
      2. Name and dosage of medication
      3. Time of administration and any directions for administration
      4. Physician’s name
      5. Date (must be current)
    5. All medications (except inhalers and epi-pens) are to be stored in the school health office in a locked cabinet.  Exceptions to this rule must be discussed with the school nurse.  Student’s with inhalers and epi-pens who wish to carry their medication with them will be allowed to do so but only with written consent from their physician and parent/guardian.
    6. Parents/Guardians are responsible for splitting pills in half.  Mixed dosages of medications in a single container will not be accepted for administration at school.  
    7. The School Nurse, Health Technician, classroom teacher or other designated staff may administer medication.  Only the school nurse has the delegatory authority to authorize staff to administer medications.  If medication is not properly labeled or packaged, it will not be given.  If medication is outdated, it will not be given.
    8. It is requested that an adult  transport medication to and from school.  It is not safe for children to transport medication.  Medication will not be sent home with students below the 7th grade.
    9. Parents should keep track of when a refill is needed on all prescription medications.
    10. All medications must be picked up by the last day of school or they will be disposed of.  We will not store medications over the summer or transport them from one building to another.  

    Medication Forms: