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  • Waseca Area Staff and Community: Please Read First

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  • Bids Accepted and Rejected February 16, 2017

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  • Bids Rejected and Awarded January 19 2017

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  • Capital Bond Referendum Passes

    Message from Tom Lee, Superintendent of Waseca Public Schools: The members of the School Board, Administration and the staff of the Waseca Public Schools are overwhelmed at the support our community demonstrated tonight with the successful passage of both capital bond referendum questions. We are deeply humbled and thankful. Our vision statement begins with the phrase, "In collaboration with our community." Tonight, the community gave us the ability to move forward in resetting the clock on the Junior/Senior High School and renovating our other facilities. As we move forward, we want everyone in the community to know that we have comitted ourselves to assuring that when done, our facilities will most obviously meet program needs and be a source of great pride for many years to come. Thank you to everyone who voted to improve our facilities. To those who voted against these questions, be assured that we will work diligently to earn your confidence throughout the design and renovation process and in everything we do. We exist to serve all the students of this community and all the residents of this community as well.
    Question 1 results:
    Absentee: 55 yes, 20 no
    Ward 1: 292 yes, 172 no
    Ward 2: 502 yes, 251 no
    Ward 3: 213 yes, 159 no
    Ward 4: 452 yes, 327 no
    Total: 1,514 yes, 929 no
    Question 2 results:
    Absentee: 49 yes, 26 no
    Ward 1: 253 yes, 207 no
    Ward 2: 428 yes, 324 no
    Ward 3: 166 yes, 205 no
    Ward 4: 376 yes, 402 no
    Total: 1,272 yes, 1,164 no
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  • City Precinct Map

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  • Debt Plan Question #1

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  • Debt Plan Question #2

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  • Debt Plan Question 1 & 2

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  • Facilities Final Plan (draft)

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  • Facilities Update 2-22-16

    The core planning group for the additions and renovations to the Waseca Junior/Senior High School (JSHS)l continue to meet. This core planning team recently spent a day touring four schools (Prairie Winds Middle in Mankato, Jordan Middle School, Prior Lake High School and Tri-City United High School) to help them gain knowledge of design concepts. The team discussed educational best practices and how they are reflected in facilities design to be considered in the office remodel and academic wing remodel at the JSHS. The team returned with some great ideas.Not only did these visits provide an opportunity to see different styles of schools, but they also helped create a shared understanding and common language to assist in the facility design process. In addition, the team learned how other communities are providing instruction. This committee will meet several more times prior to finalizing a building plan for the JSHS. There will also be a separate Performing Arts Planning team that will begin meeting very soon.  They too will tour facilities to get ideas for our performing arts center.  

    Additionally, the architects have met with the Administration at Central, Hartley and WIS to discuss the planned renovations (mostly for safety and security). All of these groups will eventually submit preliminary plans to the District Oversight Committee.  Preliminary plans and drawings will be approved by the District Oversight Committee and submitted to the School Board for final approval in late spring.   At this time, we anticipate beginning the renovations at Central, Hartley and WIS this summer and beginning at the JSHS this fall.  The final schedule will not be known until later in the spring. We will continue to keep you posted as we progress in the facilities design phase.

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