• Waseca Public Schools

    Welcome to the Waseca Public Schools Buildings and Grounds Department.

    Our goal is to provide a clean, healthy, safe and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors who use our facilities and grounds.

    The Buildings and Grounds department is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and care of all Waseca Public School buildings.  The department is also responsible for all grounds, indoor Air Quality, and Health and Safety.

    Hartley Elementary School staff
    Tim Johnson, Head Custodian
    Cody Gentry, Custodian

    Waseca Intermediate School staff
    Ryan West, Head Custodian
    Alfred Hinderscheit, Custodian (Evening)

    Waseca Junior/Senior High School staff
    Mike Buker, Head Custodian
    Jeff Jensen, Custodian (Daytime)
    Paul Purfeerst, Custodian (Lead Evening)
    Wayne McClune, Custodian (Evening)
    Nick Gallagher, Custodian (Evening)
    Randy Seberson, Custodian (Evening)

    Central Building staff
    Jim Hill, Head Custodian
    Scott Johnson, Custodian
    Cynthia Nasines, B&G Office Manager

    All Buildings staff
    Colin Green, Buildings and Grounds Director
    Kyle Gallagher, Maintenance
    Blaine Root, Maintenance