• If you have a student entering Kindergarten or 7th grade, you might be aware they have to have certain immunizations before they can start the first day of school.  But which ones are required?

    Our district nurse, Deb Wobschall, says:  Students going into Kindergarten and 7th grade are required to have immunizations before the start of school. 7th graders will not be allowed to start school without the required immunizations. If you are uncertain about which immunizations your child needs, can either call your health care provider, Public Health, or the child's school. You can also email Mrs. Wobschall directly with questions.  

    In May, Mrs. Wobschall sends 6th grade parent a letter, informing them of the requirements and specifically which shots the child needs. Parents of incoming Kindergarteners are given this information at Kindergarten round up. New families moving in to the District during the summer may be unaware of what their child needs, but our requirements are the same as most every other district nationwide.
    We do not allow 7th graders to start school without their immunizations. This isn't a Waseca district rule, it is a state law and we adhere to it.