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    The goal of school health services is to maintain and promote physical and emotional health to maximize student learning. These pages have been created for the convenience of parents/guardians of students in the Waseca schools and include information about school health guidelines, forms, general health information and other resources. 

    Health Services in Waseca public schools are managed by a Licensed School Nurse (LSN). There is not a registered nurse staffed in each building; but, every health office is staffed with a health technician who operates under the supervision of a registered nurse. 

    If you cannot find the information you need on these pages, or if you would like to talk to the school nurse directly, please call your child’s school or you may contact us directly using the contact information below.  

    School Nurses:

    Krissy Wilson, RN
    E-Mail:  wilk1@waseca.k12.mn.us

    Waseca Intermediate School (grades 4-6)  (Phone): 507-835-0950   (Fax): 507-837-5530
    Health Technician:  Paula Priebe: 507-835-3000

    Waseca Junior/Senior High School (grades 7-12)   (Phone):  507-837-5563   (Fax): 507-835-1724
    Health Technician:  Jessica Androli: 507-837-5556

    Hartley Elementary (grades K-3)  (Phone): 507-835-0982   (Fax): 507-835-1005
    Health Technician: Bridget Hayes: 507-835-2248 

    Central Building (Pre-K)  (Phone): 507-835-2222   (Fax): 507-835-1161
    Health Technician: Nikki Benson: 507-835-2222

    Central Building (ALC)  (Phone): 835-5588  (Fax): 507-835-1161
    Health Technician: Brooke Haala: 507-835-5588  

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