• Philosophy/Belief Statement of ALC Programs:

     ~ All learners have the potential to learn and are entitled to an opportunity for reaching their maximum potential.

    ~ Learners need to develop solid academic, communication, and technology skills to be successful in today’s society.

    ~ Learners need to be encouraged to develop their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses and problem areas; success breeds success.

    ~ Recognition of the dignity and worth of all learners is basic to the learning process.

    ~ Learners should be able to learn and mature in an atmosphere with little or no disciplinary problems.

    ~ Learning must be directly related to the individual’s current and future needs.

    ~ Learners need to be assisted in developing positive attitudes toward learning, active participation, responsibility, self-motivation and positive self-esteem.

    ~ Curriculum, instruction, and assessment should be developed, modified, and evaluated to meet each learner’s specific and individual needs.

    ~ Learners should be able to learn at their own pace and must participate in designing their personal goals.

    ~ Learners need to explore different ways of learning and identify their own learning style.

    ~ Learners should become acquainted with various learning resources and how to use them.

    ~ Technology should be part of learning methodology.

    ~ Collaboration should occur between the family, school, and community so that learners experience societal success and learn the value of contributing to their community.

    ~ Learners need to be involved in the community; including assistance by community mentors, earning credits by direct work experience and entrepreneurial projects.

     ~ Learners should embrace lifelong learning.