• Waseca High School Ticket Prices

    Game Admission/Season Sport Passes

    According to school board policy, Waseca High School charges admission at the following rates:

    • Adults $7
    • Senior Citizens $4
    • Student $4

    Waseca High School also offers sports passes, good for the entire school year, at  the following fees:

    • Adults $50
    • Students $25
    • Seniors $25

    Purchase online tickets to any event or contest hosted by Waseca!


    Athletic Registration Fees

    All athletic fees are to be paid at the seasonal preseason sports registration meeting.  In order to participate on the first day of practice your student-athlete's fee must be paid prior to the first day of practice.  All checks must be made  payable to Waseca Public Schools. Effective immediately, there is a new option to pay the fees on-line through the Community Ed. portion on the school’s website.

    Managers in a given sport shall not pay fees.

    Waseca Junior Senior High School Athletic Registration Fees

    • Hockey $525.00 (WHA will reimburse all credits)
    • Soccer $300.00
    • All other HS sports (per season) $200.00
    • All other JH sports (per season) $100.00
    • Cheerleaders (per season) $100.00
    • Padlock deposit (refundable) $5.00

    Family Athletic Fee
    Maximum $750.00

    Free and Reduced Fee

    • All Sports (Excluding Hockey and Soccer) $100.00
    • Hockey $262.50
    • Soccer $150.00
    • Cheerleading $50.00
    • JH Sports $50.00

    *** Must qualify per Food & Nutrition Free and Reduced Application ***