Please read entirely before proceeding with your application:


    1. Scholarship Packet contains:
      • Description of each Scholarship with check-off space.
      • Scholarship Application
      • Scholarship Application - Personal Data Form
      • Letters of Recommendation - Personal Information Form
    2. Please read each scholarship description thoroughly.  Each scholarship has different qualifications. Certain scholarships require a specific GPA, some require a student essay, some require an additional application and some require recommendation letters.
      •  If the scholarship does not pertain to you, then you do not apply.  
      • Please put your name on everything and if there is an essay needed for a scholarship, please identify which scholarship the essay is for
    3. Recommendation Letters - ask your teachers, employers, etc. immediately.  Complete the attached Letter of Recommendation - Personal Information Form and offer it to the person you are asking, this is to provide them more information about yourself. 
      • When ready, please identify which scholarship the Recommendation Letter is for.
    4. The Scholarship Application must be completed digitally and then printed off and submitted with appropriate signatures.  Scholarship Application needs to have a parent/guardian signature.  They will not be accepted without one and signatures cannot be digitally signed).  
    5. All applications and recommendations are due on or before Monday, February 22nd, by 3:00pm, NO EXCEPTIONS.  No late applications will be accepted. You are responsible for getting your essays, recommendation letters, etc. to the Guidance Office on time.  Remember you are seeking free scholarships and it’s up to you to meet the requirements.
    6. Gap Year - students who decide to take gap year(s) between high school and college, and are awarded a scholarship, there is no guarantee that your scholarship will be available to you when you decide to start a college or university.  This decision will be up to the scholarship provider.
  • Materials


    REQUIRED: Scholarship list This form is required when you turn in your application. This is the list of scholarships that our school is rewarding this year. Please read through each description, put a check next to the scholarships you want to apply for, then print it. You will not be considered for a scholarship if you do not put a check mark by it. ***THIS FORM WAS UPDATED AT 12:30 PM ON 2/3 WITH A NEW SCHOLARSHIP***


    REQUIREDPersonal Data Form This form is required when you turn in your application. It is a list of all of the activities you have participated in during 9th-12th grade. Type in your activities, then print it, sign and have a parent/guardian sign. This form will not be accepted without a signature from a parent/guardian. We will not accept typed signature. If you run out of room, you can provide an additional sheet of paper with a list of your activities. 


    REQUIREDScholarship Application This form is required when you turn in your application. This is a general information form about you. Type in your information, then print it, and turn it in with your personal data form. 


    OPTIONALLetter of Recommendation form This form is NOT required- DO NOT turn it in with your packet. This form is to use only when you are requesting a letter of recommendation from a staff member or for someone from the community. This form is to help them write you a better letter. Remember to ask for the letter at least two weeks in advance. 


    The following scholarships also require an additional application to be filled out.  If you are applying to one of these, please stop by the Guidance Office to pick it up.  This will need to be turned in with all of your paperwork by February 22nd. 

    • Achieving Dreams for Disabilities (ADD) Scholarship
    • Don Eustice Memorial Scholarship
    • Itron, Inc. Scholarship
    • Waseca County American Dairy Association Scholarship
    • Waseca Hockey Association Scholarship
    • Waseca American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship
    • Waseca VFW Post #1642 Scholarship
    • Waseca VFW Post #1642 Auxiliary Scholarship