• Robotics Team

    [grades 8-12]

    Robotics teams meet from September through early March to design, build and compete with other schools in our area with their robots. All teams work to create a robot that will solve the "problem" for the season, which typically requires a robot to drive, lift, and pick up an object, then place it within a goal area on a 12' x 12' competition field. Robotics is a great example of applying STEM concepts to build, write robotic code, and problem solve to accomplish the given task. Students work in teams of 4-6 students to develop and compete with their robot. In robotics, we use VEX V5 robotices equipment and VEX block programming to create our robots and make them move. Robotics meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3-4:30pm.

    Watch our video: Vex Tipping Point Reveal