• What happens during Inclement Weather?

    "Inclement Weather" is any severe weather condition that would cause our School District (or sometimes a specific building) to delay opening, close early, or close entirely for the school day. The most common occurrence of "Inclement Weather" is due to snow.

    For the 2022-2023 school year, the first day school is canceled due to inclement weather will be a "snow day." When school is closed for a "snow day" or other weather-related day, there are no expectations for students to login to Schoology to complete work.

    All subsequent days canceled due to inclement weather will be considered "eLearning Days." When you receive the call from Infinite Campus about school closing, the message will remind you that this is an eLearning Day and students are expected to login into Schoology to work on assignments from each class.

    School cancelation announcements will be shared via Infinite Campus messenger and will also be posted on the District Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). School cancelations will also be shared on local news stations.

    Here is the full eLearning Day Plan.

    Here is the JHHS schedule for when school has a 2-hour Late Start.