• District Social Media

    The Jr/Sr High School does not have a dedicated Social Media presence, however, there are a number of District social media accounts that we recommend.

    For High School Athletic Highlights, follow @WasecaBluejays on Twitter

    For updates from Waseca Public Schools (district-wide updates), follow:

    • @WasecaDistrict on Twitter
    • "Waseca Public Schools" on Facebook
    • @wasecaschooldistrict0829 on Instagram

    For updates from Waseca Intermediate School, follow @WISWasecaMN on Twitter

    For updates from Hartley Elementary School, follow @HartleyWasecaMN on Twitter

    For updates from District and Building PTO (including updates about the annual Bluejay Blast), follow:

    • @BlastWaseca on Twitter
    • "Bluejay Blast Waseca Schools PTO Fundraiser" on Facebook
    • "Waseca Junior/Senior High School PTO" on Facebook
    • "Waseca Intermediate School PTO" on Facebook
    • "Hartley Elementary PTO" on Facebook

    A number of individual activities, athletic teams or academic teachers also have a social media presence. If you have an interest in following your favorite teacher, activity, or athletic team, please ask the individual for their social media handle.