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A Resource For Families: Talking to Your Children About An Incident

Last night on January 6, 2020 there was an officer involved shooting here in Waseca. Officer Arik Matson was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital where he is in critical condition.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Matson, his family and all law enforcement. You may not be aware that Officer Matson has been our DARE Officer the last several years and has had sustained contact with our students in this role. Many of our students know him well.  Whenever something like this happens, kids respond in a variety of ways.  We wanted to post this link to help guide you in any potential conversations that may come up in the next few hours/days. We believe it offers sound advice.  Counselors are and will be available at school to assist any student necessary.  We want to offer as much support to our students and families as needed. Please continue to keep Officer Matson in your thoughts and prayers!

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