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About Our Program

Who are we?

WCOC is an alternative therapeutic clinical program for students in grades 7-12.  WCOC is made possible by a collaborative effort of Waseca Public Schools, Waseca County Human Services, Waseca County Corrections and the South Central Human Relations Center.


WCOC's mission is to provide a safe environment within which students are able to obtain skills that enable each to be successful in the home, community and school settings.  The program encourages and supports the social, behavioral, academic and vocational development for every student as well as encourages, supports and empowers each family to be a partner in this process.


WCOC Staff will work with students and their parents/guardians to identify each student's individual needs.

WCOC Staff will work to create an environment within the program that will assist the student to address their individual needs and attempt to move them towards successful behaviors in these areas.

WCOC Staff will communicate with students, parents, guardians, related school personnel and other individuals who may be involved with the student, to address inappropriate behaviors and support appropriate behaviors across the home, school and community settings.


WCOC is a clinical program providing a structured setting for special education students with Severe Emotional Disorders and usually a history of violent or aggressive behavior.  WCOC also provides a transition school placement for students coming from a residential placement setting and in the process of returning to their home school setting.  Up to eight students at a time may attend WCOC which is staffed by a teacher, a behavioral paraprofessional and a Licensed School Counselor.


Students attend school throughout the week and cover seven subjects.  Students receive instruction from a Licensed Special Education Teacher in the core areas of:  Math, English, Science and Social Studies.  In addition to the core subjects, students receive instruction in physical education and art.  The remaining seventh credit is divided and instruction is provided in a variety of subject matters each trimester.

Each subject is modified to meet the academic needs of the student.  Students are provided with and instructed in subjects that meet the academic rigor required by Waseca Public Schools to earn credits toward graduation.


Students receive an hour of skills group each day along with individual skill times each week.  WCOC focuses on students being able to address their negative behaviors and develop skills that result in positive behaviors that help each student to become a successful member of society.