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Bus Safety in Waseca School District

Bus Safety
Waseca Public Schools Press Release
December 20, 2018

Student safety is paramount in Waseca Public Schools.  In fact, the District’s Strategic Plan’s second strategy is, “Facilities and transportation that are safe and meet program need”.  While much of the attention recently has been given to facilities, there has also been significant efforts to improve transportation safety including equipping every bus with two onboard cameras (which occurred 4 years ago) and moving the transportation boundary for K-3 students from outside of 2 miles to outside of 1 mile (beginning in the 18-19 school year).  

Recently, both Lenz and Palmer Bus Companies reported a significant number of vehicles ignoring the flashing yellow lights, as buses come to a stop to drop off/pick up students and the flashing red lights/stop arms that are used when students are loading or unloading. These infractions pose significant dangers when loading and unloading school children.  In fact, 6 children died nationwide last year due to such infractions. To combat this reality, the district purchased exterior cameras for it’s buses to identify the vehicle, driver and license plates of law breakers. In the 15 days since the installation of these cameras, there have been 11 documented infractions. The information is shared with local law enforcement, and in many cases, tickets are issued.  

The District implores the community to follow the traffic laws pertaining to school busses.  Slow down for the blinking yellow lights and stop for the blinking red lights. If a driver chooses to break these laws, their information will be captured and law enforcement will be notified.  Please drive safely and keep our kids safe.

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