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Adjusted School Schedule

An important announcement was sent out to our families via email and phone concerning our schedule for the remainder of the school year.  We’re posting it to make sure it reaches as many as possible.

At the regularly scheduled School Board meeting tonight, members discussed the importance of teaching and learning and the need to consider adding instructional time to our remaining calendar year, due to the significant amount of time lost to weather-related delays and closings. The following adjustments were approved by the Board: 

1. Eliminate Early Outs for the remainder of the year (March 20, April 10, and May 15) and make full instructional days. This does not help us with total instructional days but does help us with instructional hours. Teaching staff is expected to complete PLC work outside the normal contract day based on prior approval from their administrator. 

2. Take the two Staff Development Days and make them student instructional days on March 29th and May 10th. We would then add two Staff Development Days into the calendar on June 4 and 5 (currently the last day for staff is Monday, June 3rd). 

Please be aware that the Board did discuss the potential of adding the Monday after Easter as another option for an additional instructional day only if we are to have more weather related closings. They did not act on this though, and it is everyone's hope that this step will not need to be taken. Notifying you of this discussion is simply to make you aware of the possibility. While no one wants to make such adjustments, the overwhelming belief of the Board and the Admin team is that these steps are both necessary and appropriate. These steps are also meant to maximize the prime learning time prior to Memorial Day so not to go into June.