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Waseca Public Schools and the City of Waseca Working on Pedestrian Safety

Waseca Public School District has been working with staff from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and the City of Waseca to identify projects to improve pedestrian safety on Highway 13 near the Waseca High School and Waseca Intermediate School. The most recent meeting with MnDOT staff yielded a potential project and it is currently under examination by both the City and the School District. The proposed project would involve installing a crosswalk with flashing signs next to and hanging over Highway 13. These signs would be activated by pedestrians seeking to cross the highway. Sidewalks and/or trails would also need to be constructed leading to the Waseca High School. It is possible that construction can start in the Summer of 2020 if all parties are in agreement on design feasibility and obtaining acquired easements. Since the project will be in a State Highway right-a-way, MnDOT will need to agree to any work that is performed.
Waseca Public Schools and the City of Waseca remain committed to finding ways to improve pedestrian safety on the Highway 13 corridor and will continue to work together to explore solutions that would be acceptable to MnDOT.