General Information

1. Please forward all information and signed documents to Ashley Sikel in the District Office. 

2. Frequently Asked Question: We have employees in the district that may drive students in their own vehicles (some may drop them off at home if they are sick, some are transported for their extra-curricular events, etc.). If they have an accident, are they covered under our policy?

We have what we call Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage on the districts policy. This provides the district liability coverage if a non-owned auto is in an accident on school business. The situation you describe above falls under this coverage. Keep in mind this is liability coverage for the school district. The employee still has a liability exposure to themselves that would be covered under their own personal auto policy. Any injuries to students would be covered under the student’s parent’s personal auto policy under the parent’s personal injury protection coverage. The way the No Fault law is written in Minnesota, an individual personal policy covers their own medical expenses.

3. You must be a Waseca Public School District employee to drive a school-owned vehicle.

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