"The last five letters of the word 'history' tell us that it is an account of the past that is about people and what they did, which is what makes it the most fascinating of subjects." -Stephen E. Ambrose

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Welcome to the Waseca Virtual History Museum
A student based project to better understand, research and present the history of Waseca, Minnesota! Our museum is open twenty four hours a day and will become jammed packed with student created "exhibits" from different time periods in Waseca History!
Some of our unique features include:
  • Is there anywhere that I can find information online about???... Links to historically valuable sites.
  • I remember when... Tell us your story! We want visitors to share their comments and tell their stories about an exhibit when they visit our museum! Our students and visitors learn more from first hand accounts and memories!

    We are a "work in progress". Students in Mr. Hanson's history classes are continuing the process of creating exhibits for the museum.

What's New?
The Waseca Virtual History Museum now has its own class! With the new staff, a new site design has been put into use and new exhibits will be created! Click here to view a picture of the class.

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